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As it is said to be Ko Kyoto in the west, there are many temples from long ago and many shrines remain because of the escape from the battle.
Each shrine is taken over to the shrine to indicate that it was prosperous.

Station photo
Get on the third stop at Onomichi Station

↓Onomichi bus (Onomichi city bullet train)

Kurihara Elementary School North Exit
Wushui Hachiman Shrine
Wushui Hachiman Shrine1Wushui Hachiman Shrine2
Kurihara Elementary School North Ride

↓Onomichi bus (Onomichi city bullet train)

Transfer to Shindomichi Station

↓Onomichi bus (Yangtze via each line)

Watching street
Yoshizuhiko (Ichinomiya) Shrine
Ichinomiya Shrine1Ichinomiya Shrine3

↓10 minutes on foot


↓One minute on foot

Shrine shrine
Shrine shrine2Shrine shrine3

↓10 minutes on foot

The sleeve Tenman-gu Shrine

↓15 minutes on foot

Kubo Kameyama Hachiman Shrine
Kubo Kameyama Hachiman Shrine1Kubo Kameyama Hachiman Shrine2

↓10 minutes on foot

Yamawaki Shrine
Yamawaki Shrine2Yamawaki Shrine3

↓15 minutes on foot

Yasaka Shrine
Yasaka Shrine1Yasaka Shrine2
↓5 minutes on foot
Jodoji under the Jodoji Temple

↓Omi bus (Kanto line, Setoda line)

Get off at Onomichi Ohashi

↓10 minutes on foot

Omoto shrine
Omoto shrine1Omoto shrine3

↓10 minutes on foot

Onomichi Ohashi ride

↓Onomichi bus (Kanto line, Setoda line)

Get off at Tajiri

↓5 minutes on foot

Kameumori Hachiman Shrine
Kameumori Hachiman Shrine1Kameumori Hachiman Shrine2

↓5 minutes on foot

Ride in Tajiri

↓Onomichi bus (Kanto line)

Get out of Furiehama Beach

↓5 minutes on foot

Crown Tenjin
Crown Tenjin1Crown Tenjin3


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