Omiichi Sumiyoshi fireworks festival Held on Saturdays around the lunar calendar June 28

Sumiyoshi shrine festival
It is held every Saturday around 28th of the lunar calendar every year.
13000 fireworks will color the Onomichi water service.
It will be more exciting with music fireworks according to music.
In this festival, Onomichi waterworks will be handed over to the sea of ​​three lantern boats (mountain type, torii, money) and a shrine mikoshi.
This fireworks means the shrine of Sumiyoshi Shrine.

place:Hiroshima Prefecture Onomichi City Onomichi Suido
access:15 minutes on foot from JR Onomichi Station by coast street

Sumiyoshi fireworks festival
Hirayama Kadon Naosumi who arrived in town municipal office of Onomichi 5 (1740) built Sumiyoshihama in the next year 's Nihomiya (1741), moved Sumiyoshi shrine in Jodoji temple to this Sumiyoshihama and port It was a guardian deity of.
This festival honored the accomplishment of the construction of Sumiyoshihama which was the foundation of Onomichi's development and the husband of the marine products wholesaler of Sumiyoshihama wish for business prosperity and maritime traffic safety, and it is done around the middle of the Edo era.


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